Frog Man, 2016. South Carolina

Tony Cifani is a photographer living in Greensboro, NC and a Chicago area native. Tony’s love of the craft began as a teenager with an interest in photojournalism, working as a photographer and darkroom printer for a student newspaper. Tony then worked briefly as a photo assistant in commercial photography studios in Chicago, but returned to school to study photography and painting at Columbia College of Chicago. Tony’s photographic style can best be described as a mix of fine art, street, and documentary.

The love of street photography for Tony began after seeing photo exhibits of modern masters such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Vivian Maier, and Robert Frank at the Art Institute of Chicago. Tony spent a lot of his time as a teenager and young adult walking the city and riding the Chicago ‘L’ trains and subways. Street photography is rooted in the power of observation, attempting to capture that wonderful moment in time when people, culture, public space and motion all come together.

Tony can often be found wandering the city streets looking for these moments, although sometimes he pursues recurring themes such as ‘Pokémon GO!’ players. Several years ago, when the mobile phone based game was introduced, groups of young people would gather in outdoor settings to play the game. The contrast between the beautiful city park surroundings and somewhat obsessive virtual game play was striking. Eric Ginsburg from Triad City Beat talks more about Tony’s photographs in the article, Look at these beautiful Pokémon Go photos.

Tony has permanent prints of his city-scapes on display at transformGSO, a co-working space located in downtown Greensboro, NC. Tony has also exhibited work locally at Greenhill Center for NCArt and The Tate Street Coffee House.

Fine art prints are available for purchase. Please contact Tony Cifani for more information.

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